I can't config ds record after enable DNSSEC

Hi all,
I have bought a new domain at Cloudflare, but after I enabled DNSSEC, there was no popup to configure the ds record. I have tried turning it off and on again on many browsers but it did not get any better.

If you bought the domain at Cloudflare, there’s nothing more you need to do other then just clicking the enable button. Cloudflare, as your registrar and DNS host, is capable of automagically configuring both sides, which they do. You can use https://dnsviz.net/ to check if it’s properly enabled (it may take a bit if you have just re-enabled, since your TLD’s nameservers have to start returning the dnssec records as well).

Ahh, i have checked on the dnsviz.net and saw that everything has a green tick, but on the cloudflare site it still says status is unsigned. So i’m a bit surprised by this issue :sweat_smile:

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