I can't cancel the Cloudflare Subscription

I have tried to cancel the subscriptions for my websites from the subcription page. In one case, if I click on edit and select the free plan, I have an error: Internal Server Error (code 1000). In the other cases, nothing happens. I have tried to open a ticket, but they don’t answer me (all tickets are still open without any help for me).
Someone can help me? Thanks in advance

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Please refrain from opening duplicate tickets. It only slows down resolution for everyone.

If you share your ticket number here, we can request escalation.

Thank you!

I didn’t open duplicate ticket. I opened a separate ticket for each website.
These are the ticket numbers:

  1. #3286529 for the website for the internal server error
  2. #3287122
  3. #3287127
  4. #3287131
  5. #3287137
  6. #3287140

Thanks for sharing the ticket numbers. It may take a while, even with an escalation request. Someone will work your ticket when it reaches the top of the queue.

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Have been merged into 3286529

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Please solve the tickets…not close. I need a solution for my problem.

Is 3286529 still open? That is the ticket that will be used to track the related work for all of your sites.

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Hi there,

Please take a look at the ticket #3286529.
I have updated it with instructions from our Billing team.


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I have made the suggested changes…but I think we have not solved the problem…

Hi there, thanks for your confirmation. After you added the sites again, our Billing team was able to help us from their side regarding the status of your zones. Can you please take a look again at your Subscriptions dashboard and at the ticket and confirm that everything looks good now?


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Yes, now it seems ok…I hope…


Thanks for your confirmation!
Please let us know if you need anything further by replying to the ticket, and it will be automatically reopened.

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