I cant add our school domain to Cloudflare

I am trying to add our school district domain and it comes up with the “domain is not a registered domain” error.

The 4 steps from the troubleshooting guide.

  1. I looked through the support doc for it and none of those are the issue. I called our current DNS server provider and it doesn’t have DNSSEC setup
  2. It is on the registered list (and is registered)
  3. I can resolve the NS for the root domain
  4. There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on cloudflare either

Can you share the domain?

This is probably because the domain you are trying to add is not the first label under a domain that appears on the Public Suffix List. For example k12.ak.us appears on the PSL, so schoolname.k12.ak.us is allowed, but schoolname.districtname.k12.ak.us is not.

I am trying to use the cityname.k12.in.us and it isn’t working. that should be on the list.
I should have put that on the original post.

Maybe this is something that higher support would have to take a look at.

Sorry didn’t see your first question… it is valpo.k12.in.us

Your state’s k12 domain has WHOIS records with name servers assigned, but your valpo does not.

With that in mind, if you can’t set your own name servers for ‘valpo’, then you won’t be able to add it to Cloudflare. I suggest you go up the chain in your office of education to see if it’s possible to set your own name servers.

With this link it shows that there are Name Servers for valpo.k12.in.us

I can contact who i need to to change the name servers, but then how can I add my domain to my cloudflare account to manage the entries.


I know, and it’s the same NS for all of k12.in.us. Have you figured out how to do this:

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I can go to ENA (our hosting company) and change the name servers (sending an email to their support) but once i do that all of the dns entries will stop working. This is why i need to setup the cloudflare account. then setup all of the entries and then change the name servers so that there is no down time.

There in lies the problem is that i can’t add the domain to cloudflare.

What should i have them change it to then? and how can i not have any downtime with the entries.

Generally, your hosting company can’t change the name servers for your domain unless they’re also your domain registry. I suggest you contact the parent domain admin:

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Well when i contacted ENA they said that the domain passes all of their checks from that support page (https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/205359838-I-cannot-add-my-domain-to-Cloudflare-)

I might have to tag higher support for them to look at it.

There is no point to change the name servers before I have the domain attached to my cloudflare account with all of our entries setup on cloudflare.

According to:

This is a subdomain which was assigned to your school, which you can use, but not manage as it is a subdomain of the APEX domain, which means you can use the domain for your school, but another authority is managing/controlling it.
That’s probably also the reason Cloudflare does not recognize your subdomain as a APEX domain.
You would probably have to go for the Subdomain CNAME Setup which is available for Enterprise customers. Maybe Cloudflare have special plans for schools and educational institutions but don’t know for sure.

I have never set up a domain for educational institutions with this particular kind of setup. But some Cloudflare Employees should be able to help out here.


Changing your name servers is the last step in the process.

As we’ve discovered recently for the .museum TLD, the PSL isn’t always a guarantee.

@MoreHelp Can you please look into this issue.

Thank you

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Your domain has no Whois, and as indicated earlier, that is required to add your domain to Cloudflare. You probably know who to contact, but some more email addresses to try are available on whois k12.in.us

Registrar needs to respond to whois query about domain with all the usual required information like domain name + registration date + expiration date + contact, because we will not accept empty or invalid response.


The replies on this thread are accurate and you need to:

That conversation will help you determine next steps on name servers.


Ok thank you, i was misunderstanding. i was thinking register as in being able to ping it / assigned with domain…not as in the whois info. I am talking with them and they will get back to me. Thank you.

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@MoreHelp I thought i had registered it actually once before on a different cloudflare account (accidentally) so i removed it from that account so i can register it on this proper one.

Is there a way for you to see if its hung up on the other account and possibly release it to be re-added on another account?


Hi, I see three attempts to add that zone to cloudflare but all show as purged without successfully being active on Cloudflare

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Does that mean that it should be fine to add back? why would it work the first time, but come up with saying that it isn’t a registered domain now.