I cant add my .live domain on Cloudflare Pages Inactive (Error)

ı cant add my domain to Cloudflare pages.
I am taking Inactive (Error)
I added domain then i waited 1 week. No change anything
How can i solve this?

Delete it and re-add it and then please run through the debugging guide: Debugging Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs

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i did it but no change

Did you run through the debugging guide and you can confirm it’s neither issue?

If so, what’s the domain?

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it is agar.live

Walshy via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]>, 5 Nis 2023 Çar, 15:03 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

I can only see this being added 2 months ago, the validation has timed out.
Please remove and re-add it, then go through the debugging steps at Debugging Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs