I can't add a site

Hi, I tried to add a .online domain and received the message “is not a registered domain”

Any idea?


  • the .online domain you are trying to add is one that you have the ability to change the nameservers for

  • you’re adding the .online domain as a free site to your existing Cloudflare account

I’ve added .online domains to Cloudflare by changing the nameservers at the registrar of the .online domain to the ones that are assigned to me by Cloudflare. So, I’m fairly certain it can be done.

Good luck!

Yes, I have it registered at godaddy and can change the nds

And tried to add it as free site on cloudflare

Thank you for letting me know .online domains can be added

For others: I still don’t know why I received the message

Any idea?

Ultimately, you’ll probably be asked what the domain name is, and what your Cloudflare nameservers are (so that it can be double-checked that you have changed them.)

I tried again and I was able to add it

I think It was a short temporary bug

Thank you

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