I can't activate SSL certificate

I’ve searched for answer but I couldn’t find the exact solution.

After I got domain and hosting, I opened a Cloudflare account, and set up SSL certificate as Full for my website. Then I installed Wordpress on cPanel. After all, thankfully my website is working but I can’t set up ‘Really Simple SSL’ on my Wordpress Admin Panel. And it gives me this warning:

Set your wp-config.php to writable and reload this page. To safely enable SSL on your server configuration, you should add the following line of code to your wp-config.php.
//Begin Really Simple SSL Server variable fix $_SERVER["HTTPS"] = "on"; //END Really Simple SSL

Hello There.

The issue you’re experiencing with the ‘Really Simple SSL’ plugin in WordPress seems related to the permissions of your wp-config.php file. The plugin is asking you to make this file writable so it can add a necessary line of code to ensure SSL is properly configured and recognized by WordPress.

The warning is about making wp-config.php writable. This file is one of the core WordPress files, holding crucial configuration details, including database connection information.
The plugin needs to write the line $_SERVER["HTTPS"] = "on"; to wp-config.php. This line ensures that WordPress recognizes the SSL certificate and serves your pages over HTTPS.

I Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot, it works.

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