I cant access to my domain, my DNS changed to []

I cant access to my domain, my DNS changed to []
my domain is Tv5.amidtrade.website
please fix it

The site is throwing an 404 error; which means there could be a path error or url error or page might have been removed. Check your host source for the fix. Alternatively, you may google on this error.

I can get ping straight from my server but by cloudflare DNS using it got problem. Could be problem from my domain?

The site is now returning an “Apache2 Default Page”.

Various ISPs from Iran are returning this IP address, and the following, when they are attempting to block access to various domains.

You didn’t say where you are from, however, the provided host name, as @neiljay said above, is resolving just fine, no matter where in the world you’re trying from, with the sole exception of Iran.

The providers from Iran are responding with (and occasionally also to DNS queries for the provided host name.

This would be something you would need to take up with the individual ISP, where you see these incorrect DNS responses.


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