I can't access the Workers. Please help me

What happened to the Workers? I have tried many times but made no works.

I also tried to wipe the Cookie but the problem still exists.

That happens to me when I have an invalid setting. In my case, it’s a Worker that has a route to a no-longer-existing domain.

You may have to open a ticket to have them track down the cause.

I tried to open a ticket but they said their support team is only available to provide assistance on billing, account, and registrar related issues. I can’t get help from them.

What is your ticket id? Then we can escalate it from our side

My ticket id is #2349141 . Thank you.

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Arunesh has escalated your ticket. Someone should get back to you today.

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OK. Thank you for your help.


Hi @Suzukaze I have re-opened and responded to your ticket. Lets continue the conversation on the ticket.

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