I can't access the site

To be more precise, the site is being accessed and repeated.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll get a 524 error.

This is not a server problem, but a Cloudflare problem. If you connect with IP, it works well.

Additionally, you can turn off the proxy to connect.

I’m currently using the free version, and I’d like to know how to solve it.

It is an issue with the server, as it does not respond within 100 seconds, which is why you receive that error.

You need to make sure the server responds within that time or you can unproxy the DNS entry.

Turn off the proxy to access the site. However, turning off the proxy exposes the server’s ip.

That is correct, if that’s not an option you either use the other approach or upgrade to an Enterprise plan, where you can configure a timeout up to 600 seconds.

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I was facing the same issue with my website: a 520 error. I’ve integrated Ezoic with Cloudflare so I thought that this issue was due to Ezoic, so I disintegrated Ezoic for some time, and as a result, my site is accessible now. But now I checked Namecheap…, the hosting provider of my website, and they’re saying the issue is due to Cloudflare. Plz check the screenshot and resolve the issue. Thanks

Please read the Update in your screenshot. It’s also happening to domains not on Cloudflare, so…it’s not due to Cloudflare. You’re just going to have to wait for Namecheap to figure this out.