I can't access sites protected by cloudflare!

i can’t access sites protected by cloudflare! The check continues, then the site is restarted and checked again, so endlessly! I see, I’m not the only one with such a problem, it started about yesterday, before that everything was fine.


This can sometimes happen because of browser extensions (or specific browser), strange traffic patterns from your IP address, or even malware on your computer.

Please try using a different browser and disabling any extensions, scanning your computer for malware with a tool such as MalwareBytes, and trying a different device if you have access to one.

nothing helped, there are no viruses, I tried from other browsers, connected 3 different networks, even tried on 3 different devices! On the laptop, the phone, and another phone, seriously, nothing has changed, how is that possible? Told a friend to check if it is possible for him to do the same, but no, everything works for him. Seriously, I just don’t understand how? What could it be? It’s already the 3rd day…

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