I can't access Navy.com

I am from Serbia and I plan on joining the U.S. Navy once I graduate high school. I have a few questions about the enlistment and I would like to contact the recruiter. However, when I try to go on their official website, I am always met with Error 1020 or something. I have tried refreshing the webpage, clearing my internet cache, allowing cookies and still nothing.
I don’t know if they are banning me from the website because I am not in the US or something but I would really appreciate if I could fix this problem and ask the recruiter.
All other US Government related websites work but not the Navy which is the branch that I am interested in.

I hope some one here could help me out with this issue, and any response is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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It appears as if they blocked most countries, except for the US, Canada, the UK, and possibly a few other proper-English speaking countries.


You best try it over at navy.mil.

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