I cant access my wordpress dachboard

hi there , iam new to cloudflare . after i added my website to cloudflare i cant access my wordpress dachboard … if i intered the right or roung details in the two ways the login page is refresh withought any thing . i tryed every thing to solve it but i couldn’t plese help me … i need to access my dachboard
my websitelink is : https://urcouponsa.com

I can’t even get to wp-admin or wp-login.php on your site. I get 404 errors.

try now with this link

That is a strange configuration. And I see a wordpress_test_cookie site cookie. Also non-standard. And this was working before you added your site to Cloudflare? I see you’ve also enabled Rocket Loader. Can you try disabling that in the Cloudflare dashboard under Speed -> Optimization?

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