I can't access my website



I installed ssl for my website: sanhanglientay.com yesterday. "Error 502 Ray ID: 4478a7a6433da9de • 2018-08-09 07:54:28 UTC
Bad gateway. "Please help me!


It can’t reach your origin server. Make sure your SSL mode is set correctly in the crypto tab.

I recommend “Full (strict)” if you can. The others aren’t really secure.


What can I do now?


What is your SSL mode set to in the crypto tab? Does your server accept http or https traffic? Can you get to your server if cloudflare is :grey: (off)?


F… ser


Fucking service


idk… I currently see the cloudflare branded error page. Maybe it takes a while for :grey: to update? I’m not seeing it skipping cloudflare right now.
Oops… got confused. Have you tried accessing your website with your DNS set to :grey: instead of :orange:?


How can i cancel your SSL?


I’m not affiliated with cloudflare.
If you set the SSL option in the crypto tab to off then it will redirect https to http.



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