I can't access my website without vpn

i think cloud flare blocked in iran and i can’t access my website without vpn …
i tell my hosting provider but they say it’s cloudflare problem with iranian servers

That’s a known issue


and this is related to cloudflare admins ? they want to block iran ?

That screenshot says Moscow. That looks like your web host is blocking the Moscow POP from accessing your server. What country is your web server in?

my server in iran i bought from mizbanfa

And you’re using a VPN that goes into Russia?

Either way, it looks like your web host is blocking Cloudflare’s Russian IP address(es). I can get to the site from the US. Many other countries can access it also:


and perhaps iranian government block cloudflare … is this can be true ? because of warp ?

Warp isn’t out yet, but Iran does block some Cloudflare access.

problem solved now but I don’t know how and why :thinking:
but again after 2 hours problem back :expressionless:

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How can I get the Cloudflare Ip to put my web server whitelist ? because my hosting provider ban Russian ip for hackers attack

You should whitelist the following IPs:

In order to make sure the bot/DDOS protection on the server still works, you should restore visitor IPs.

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