I can't access my website if I don't use HTTP or HTTPS

That’s pretty much it in the title XD
I can’t access my website without using HTTP or HTTPS

Hi @Izzaldin,

Are you able to share some more details? Such as the domain name?
Also, do you mean that if you put in http:// or https:// then it works, but if you don’t specify and just enter the domain, then it doesn’t? What error/message do you get?

My domain name is Izzaldin.com
Yes it works if I put https:// but not http:// as I see.

OK, thanks. It works fine for me. If I go to http:// or with no protocol specified, I get redirected to https://, I would suspect you have some cached value on your end, you could try clearing your DNS and browser cache or wait for them to clear automatically.

Oh, so the problem just from my end because of cache thanks for confirming =)

It probably is, as it works for me! If after a few hours it still isn’t working, please just post back and we can have another look! No problem :slight_smile:

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