I can't access my website except via vpn

For the past 9 hours, i cant access the website except by using a vpn, trying to access it from africa and the middle east shows the error "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, my DNs is configured and was not changed during the last 6 months, i don’t have any kind of special settings in Cloudflare, i buy all my domains from Cloudflare registar, this is purely an error from Cloudflare system, i have over 20 domains in Cloudflare I’ve been using it for years, i am a developer so i know it’s Cloudflare error and first time i am having this issue

What is your domain?

mmo-server.com that is the domain and the attached screenshot is me accessing it without the vpn, still now even after more than 24 hours not possible to reach without vpn

You might want to check the DNS servers of your device as the site resolves globally DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool.

As you can see it’s a service website, so me and all my clients are unable to access it from africa and the middle east, so it’s not my device dns settings, like i said i am a dev with over 13 years experience, i know exactly what i am talking about when i say this is Cloudflare issue, but i can’t get to the direct support, this can’t be solved with community because they don’t have control. I might have to move the domain out of Cloudflare to force dns changes

Use this tool so you understand when i say it’s related to Africa and Middle East dns

https://www.gdnspc.com/dns-propagation-checker/continent-af.html#NS&Mmo-server.com it’s the most strange issue i have ever seen, dns stopped responding for the past 48h

I have seen an issue on Cloudflare status but it says that the traffic are being redirected during the maintenance they are doing apparently its not all redirected, i guess this is causing this to my server maybe?

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