I cant access my website due to DDos Gaurd

I have 5 websites that were connected to Cloudflare. But suddenly, I can’t log in to my admin panel due to DDoS protection. I have been using two computers, one is in my home, and another is in my office PC. Sometimes I’m using a mobile network hotspot.

For a few days, I got this from my 5 website. When I remove and change the nameserver it works fine. What should I do now?

What sites?

gg.gg isn’t connected to Cloudflare. It’s in DDos-Guard DNS which isn’t (AFAIK) part of Cloudflare.

Like saikopedia .com

So I can access the site. What do you see when you try to access the admin section?

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Users can access this site, even I can also access it through my mobile network. But I can’t access it from my office computer.

What error do you see?

gg.gg a completely different website to saikopedia.com.

If you are trying to access saikopedia.com and you are redirected to gg.gg then you have an issue with your computer.

Then how to to fix this issues.

One more thing when I remove the Cloudflare nameserver, it works fine.

Scan your computer.

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