I can't access my webmail help?

Is there a way can get to my webmail account because webmail through my old hosting bluehost in here (Nigeria)? Pls help :pray:

May I ask how did you accesed before?

Using domain.com/webmail or webmail.domain.com, or rather something else?

Is your domain using Cloudflare services (nameservers pointed to Cloudflare’s)?

If yes, you might need to check your DNS records if some is missing, therefore setup them correctly and creat either a sub-domain or create a redirection to your “old webmail” using Page Rules. Or rather some other possible solution.

You changed web hosting, but the emails are still on the old one, right?

But, did you also changed nameservers?

May I ask what is your domain name?

Before i have been accessing my webmail account through bluehost. But now it seems bluehost webhosting company can’t be accessed.

Not quite long i switched here. Do you know how to fix this?

Kindly, to get better picture what happend and what could happend and how to fix this, please you did not answered all my questions, should I repeat or could you please re-try to answer them one by one?

There could be two possible reasons:

  1. The service (web hosting) expired or you moved away and no more paying them for this
  2. If you are using Cloudflare nameservers for your domain name, maybe you haven’t updated or pointed your DNS records for e-mail service (usually A mail and MX record) to the new email/hosting provider

May I ask was your domain/website using Cloudflare before when you were using Bluehost as a web hosting provider? (I ask this due to possible Bluehost-Cloudflare integration)

Sorry for delayed reply. I went on doing something.

I’ve tried my domain name via4corners.com as you stated earlier, and it works i got to webmail sign in page. Thank you.

However, i since then i have been trying to sign in with my hosting email address and password the one i have been using in bluehost showing failure. It literally says: password invalid.

What do you suggest? :pray:

I am afraid, if your hosting account (including e-mails) expired or is canceled or removed, you cannot anymor login with old credentials and use their interface/hosting.

Otherwise, i see it’s cPanel, you can try using a port yourdomain.com:2096 to access, if so.

Thank you.

I’m on login page, i add my email address so i could log in with my password. So suggest reset password see what it shows:

Probbably, yes.

Do you have idea with such issue? As i tried my email address again all in vein?

Do have idea on what to put in contact email address as shown above?:point_up_2:

I had tried resting my password before it enquire me to input “contact email address” . I don’t know what else to insert in the field.

Do you know?

Please help me out.:pray:

I am afraid I cannot help here.

Contact your ex-hosting/email provider and your current one to resonate where your e-mail is active and where it isn’t, so we could troubleshoot further.


Thank you.
I will tried.

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