I can't access my site: yvdsigaming.com

For weeks I have not been able to access all of my sites hosted on Cloudflare. When I try to access I am automatically redirected to questionable sites. I don’t understand, look at this example site: yvdsigaming.com

Looks like a rule was added, if you did not add that, disable & delete it

Page rules are located here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/rules

That was exactly the problem. Thank you so much. Someone was able to access my account and added this to the page rules :: rdclub.click?p=yvdsigaming.com

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I’d check that for each of your zones to ensure they did not add the same rule multiple times.

And, I’d change your password and API tokens if you’re using them.

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I modified and added 2-factor authentication. Thank you very much you helped me a lot


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