I can't access my org's Cloudflare profile/account

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What is the domain name?
oadsp dot org

Have you searched for an answer?
Yes, to no avail, and within Cloudflare, I keep looping back to either a login page, or the community help portal.

Describe the issue you are having:
I work for a very small non-profit, and unfortunately, the independent contractor who set up our domain/Cloudflare account is no longer working with us. Additionally, no login records were kept, so we have no access to our Cloudflare profile/account, or any idea of username/password. Help!!!

Your best option is to engage the former contractor to arrange transferring account access.

If that is not possible you will need to create your own Cloudflare account and add your domain to it. You can move the existing DNS records using an ecport and import if the former contractor is willing to assist. They will need to be recreated by hand otherwise. Any other settings will also need to be reconfigured.

Thank you for responding. I have created my own account, but of course I can’t add the domain because it’s already “taken.” I will re-try with the former contractor…fingers crossed!

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Barring some limited and specific conditions, that should not be an obstacle. If you are unable to achieve resolution with the contractor, you can come back to the Community for further assistance.

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