I can't access My account

Hi there

I need an urgent assistance.

My phone with 2FA to cloudflare has packed up and it is through it I normally verify my fingerprint to access cloudflare. And I don’t have authenticator codes or any other access. Now I’m locked out of my account. I can’t even access support without login in; has to create a new account to post this. I’ve reset my password but it keeps taking me to the 2 factor authentication.
Please how do we fix it.

Have you followed the instructions here:

Yes I have. I’ve tried every means; password reset, and tried to contact support. But I was mandated to login first before I could contact support, of which the issue I’m having is login.

I’m just so bothered, and their support is not responding, cos I’ve been writing them emails. I’ve never seen a worse experience. I’m just so worried @michael

What can I do.
How do I resolve this