I can't access CloudFlare protected websites

Hey guys, I can’t access Cloudflare-protected websites. I tried turning my VPN on and off, resetting my IP, disabling extensions (same in incognito mode), different browser, but nothing works. When I go to my laptop, it works fine, and it’s using the same wifi and the same antivirus, so it looks like it’s something with my PC.
I reset my browser, it was working for a day or two, and now back to problems.
Any ideas on what else can I do?

What exactly do you mean by that?
Do you see an error page?
If so, is it a Cloudflare error page, or an origin error page?
A blank page?
A captcha that you can’t resolve, or is stuck? or something else?

Please stand by while we¨re checking your browser. Sometimes captcha appears, I can click on it, but that’s it, keeps checking my browser and showing captcha again and again.

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