I cannot verify my email address

I am new to Cloudflare, I just signed up today.
Cloudflare has sent verification email to my mail, unfortunately whenever I click that link, the result is always as follows:

This link is not valid.

Please use the link you received in your email.

Resend the link or [continue to Dashboard]

Verification email sent.

I have tried to resend for more than 20 times and tried more than 5 browsers, still not solved.
I have opened a ticket to Cloudflare support: Ticket ID: [2936006]

If you check the dashboard (upper right corner) under your Profile’s Preferences, does it show your email address as (verified)?

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Yes, it is solved.
Can you suggest method of solving this?
Yesterday I checked lots of information on this and still wasn’t able to resolve it.

If it’s already “(verified)”, then there is nothing else you need to do. That’s probably why the link is not valid.

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