I cannot use my emails since I have associated my website to Cloudflare


in my website, I created two mail boxes. Then, I made emails be sent directly from my original mail boxes to one of my google accounts.
Then, I associated my website to Cloudflare and I stopped receiving emails into my google account.
An IT friend of mine tried to set some parameters into Cloudflare and now I can receive emails into google, but I cannot send them, neither from gmail nor from my original mail boxes.
Which settings should I do ?

Thank you in advance

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If you are using Cloudflare Email Routing, you will need to configure your outbound email in another provider, such as Google’s Gmail.

There are drawbacks that make this type of setup less than ideal, especially if you plan on using it for business. For maximum reliability, you will probably want to find a quality domain email provider at some point.

Hi epic.network
Thanks for your advice.
I had already done this, the problem came out when I added Cloudflare. Actually, I do not know how to apply this solution, having Cloudflare between my domain provider and gmail.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
Kind regards

You have not provided enough detail for me to offer any more suggestions than I already have. You will need to make a more specific request to result in a new answer.

What is your domain?

I am not an IT guy, I have opened my firm and have a website. Some people made a website, adding it to Cloudflare for me, but this problem was left behind.

I will try to be more precise.
First thing I did alone, I connected my GreenGeeks emails to Gmail, in order to be able to send and receive my emails into one of my google accounts (the same procedure you posted me before).
Then, some people made the website for me and my website domain was registered into Cloudflare, free version.

Since then, I stopped receiving and sending emails from Gmail, so I had to go back to my GreenGeeks email interface to send and receive emails (it is a very basic interface, that is why I preferred the gmail one).

A friend helped me make some settings into Cloudflare, in order to send all received greengeeks emails from the GreenGeeks domain to gmail. The procedure is the following:
So now I can receive all emails into my google account, but I cannot send them from gmail : I am obliged to connect to my GreenGeeks mailbox to send emails.

I tried to disable this last setting because it is not comfortable to manage an email box through two different platforms, but it didn’t work : I couldn’t receive any email anymore, neither in gmail nor in greengeeks.

So I reactivated the Cloudflare setting and I am still in this situation : Cloudflare sends my received emails to gmail and I have to connect to greengeeks to send emails.

Are there any further details I can add?

Thank you in advance for your patience

Thank you for the additional detail. It was actually very helpful, and you should be able to configure your Gmail to send as your domain using the GreenGeeks email server. That is actually a more preferable option to sending using the Gmail servers.

I would also configure the Gmail account to receive email by pulling it from the GreenGeeks mailbox into the Gmail rather than directing it through Cloudflare Email Routing, but since your incoming email is working, I will defer to the colloquialism: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Note in point 7 of Step 1 in the following Guide, you are directed to enter your external mail server derails. You would use the server details provided by GreenGeeks, which will require a server hostname, a username (usually the email address) and a password.

One important thing to note is that if the mailserver hostname is in your domain, you will need to make sure that hostname is set to :grey: DNS Only in your Cloudflare. You mentioned that you encountered email problems after Cloudflare was added, which leaves me wondering if someone set your email related hostnames to :orange: Proxied .

Thank you epic.network, I need some time to well understand your explication, I will write again if I do not succeed in fixing my email.
Thank you again!

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