I cannot use IMAP over Cloudflare

I cannot use IMAP over Cloudflare I unproxied my A record and set up my MX record property. I can use webmail but my IMAP isn’t working. My mail host is namecheap using cpanel

MX records aren’t involved in IMAP connections. Unproxying the “A” record of the mail server is a good solution, but you need to make sure that your mail app is configured to connect to a hostname that resolves to the mail server’s IP addresss. Without knowing the domain name, we can’t help troubleshoot.

A screenshot of your DNS records here would help. It’s ok to black out the IP addresses. If absolutely necessary, it’d be ok to block out the domain name, though it may make it more difficult to troubleshoot.


The domain is https://Promohip.com… I’ve attached a screenshot of my DNS records but I only blacked out the last 3 of the IP
My DNS records

As long as you’re pointing to the ‘mail’ hostname for IMAP, it should work:

If it doesn’t, then please contact your host to troubleshoot this, as it’s a direct connection to their server and Cloudflare is not involved.

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