I cannot upgrade plan - getting error - multiple requests to support

Struggling to get Cloudflare to respond to support requests. My account was suspended for $3 and my failover credit card did not switch over. Account blocked and support last responded 14 hours ago saying fixed. Error - I got this message: The zone cannot be upgraded at this time. (Code: 1258)

It’s impossible to get hold of ANYONE!!!

Surely a client wanting to pay and not being allowed to get to a paid plan represents a big issue for a business that sells? Your product is 20/10 but the support is lacking here.




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Cloonan - without our cloudflare active, our site going down and we losing sales. We want to pay but its not allowing us. Please can you escalate this as we on to day 3 now.

@user4308 I merged your duplicate tickets into 3182237 so as not to distract the team and delay replies for you & everyone else.

I’ll flag this for my Support colleagues.