I cannot reset my old account's password

As I mentioned in the title, I cannot reset my old account’s email. When I click on reset password I get this error.

So, you’re logged into an account, and it won’t let you reset your password? Is this after you enter the new one and click Save?

Have you tried a different browser, incognito/private mode, a different device?

This is an alt account of mine. I can’t directly log in to my main account since I forgot the password of it so I tried to reset the password of my main account but it kept giving me the error that I sent the image of it.

Any ideas about why I’m getting this error?

Where are you seeing that? You can’t change the password on one account from a different account.

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I’m seeing that error on forgot password page and also I’m not trying to change an account’s password from other account.

Have you tried incognito mode or a different browser?

Yes, I’ve already tried to reset my password in another browser but it did not work, same error occurs every time I try.

Were you able to resolve this @tunasayinn0? If not, can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from that other account and share the ticket number here?