I cannot receive emails

this page? :slight_smile:

Yes, that suggests to me that it’s a GSuite account. I would therefore expect your MX records will need to point to them. You may want to check with Bluehost first to confirm though, before you make any changes.

If you do want to change them to GSuite’s then the values you will need are in https://support.google.com/a/answer/174125 and we can provide further help in setting these up in the Cloudflare dashboard if needed.

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■■■■, the Bluehost support is slow. completely stone age in comparison…
(to be fair, i also had to wait 22 hours to reply to you because i’m new here).

they said it’s hosted by Bluehost.

do you recommend that i change it to Gsuite instead? what’s the pros and cons?

If Bluehost are hosting the mail, they should help you resolve the issue you are having, since it still doesn’t work with Cloudflare paused.

okay. and when they’ve resolved it, all i have to do is start cloudflare again? and exactly what shoud i ask Bluehost to do?

Yes, just give them the error you get and what doesn’t work, if they host your email then they should be able to troubleshoot the issue.

I would leave Cloudflare paused until they have resolved it as it may help with their troubleshooting and stop them thinking it could be a Cloudflare issue.

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