I cannot receive emails from third parties

After configurating the MX record and the A record called mail following the tutorial instructions, I still cannot receive emails from third parties.

I can send emails and I receive emails from myself, but I do no receive incoming emails from any other than me.

What else can I do?


Have you followed this one or some other?:

Kindly, may I ask if your A mail record :grey: (DNS only) at Cloudflare dashboard?

Do you have an MX record for yourdomain.com which points to mail.yourdomain.com?

Is your e-mail service allowed to send/receive e-mails?
Which ports do you use at your host/origin?
Have you got any TXT record for SPF, DKIM and/or DMARC setup at Cloudflare dashboard?
Do you use an SSL connection or?

How about, have you tried following the steps here:

Hi, thanks for you reply.
Yes, I followed all the tutorial instructions and yes I allowed to send and receive email on the server (cpanel)

This is the error when sending an email:

DNS Error: 9790616 DNS type ‘mx’ lookup of estudiowls.com.ar responded with code NOERROR 9790616 DNS type ‘aaaa’ lookup of info.estudiowls.com.ar. responded with code NXDOMAIN 9790616 DNS type ‘a’ lookup of info.estudiowls.com.ar. responded with code NXDOMAIN

This is my current configuration on cloudflare panel

CNAME mail estudiowls.com.ar Automatic Only dns
MX estudiowls.com.ar info.estudiowls.com.ar Automatic Only dns


0 info.estudiowls.com.ar No A Record (no glue either)

Can you check if you have an A info record added to your Cloudflare DNS and pointed to an IP address, also being :grey: (DNS only)?

You are using a CNAME mail which points to info, while info does not have an A record and does not know who is at it’s end as I see.

You will need to set A info to your IP address being :grey:, otherwise your MX record is pointing nowhere.

Here is an tutorial about managing DNS records if needed:

Due to NXDOMAIN, some helpful information about this error can be found here:

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Thanks a lot! I have create an A record info with my IP address and that was it.

Thanks again

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I am glad You found a solution to your issue and happy to assist you :wink:

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