I cannot ping cloudflare connected domain but external service can

Hi I cannot enter my domain or event ping it I don’t know why because everything was done according to the digital ocean docs/tutorials… I think I have a correct configuration and still I can’t access my domain.
What I did:

  1. I changed the dns servers of my domain from the OVH dns to Cloudflare DNS
  2. I set up records in the Cloudflare
  3. I set up nginx on the digital ocean server (ip from step 2 is poiting to the this server)
    so I think everything looks fine but I cannot access the website from the domain shitpost.store (ip works fine)
    External service can ping it …
    Any idea what could go wrong?

Someone (you?) just ran a DNSSEC test and found that DNSSEC for that domain is broken. That would explain why the hostname doesn’t resolve.

Have you asked OVH about this?

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No but I will create a ticket on OVH then. What should I ask them? I don’t really have knowledge about domains etc. what’s wrong with my domain according to your picture?

Someone (you?) just ran a DNSSEC
I disabled DNSSEC a few days ago in the ovh, but when I had DNSSEC enabled my website was not working as well

Tell them to disable DNSSEC. And make sure it’s disabled here as well (on the DNS page).

hmmm I have DNSSEC disabled already because I could do that manually so I did it few days ago. maybe I will try to enable/disable it again

I deleted domain from the Cloudflare and I tried to add it again to the Cloudflare. What’s interesting Cloudflare returns an error now that my website is no registered :open_mouth:

Did you get it working again? I see it’s set to use Cloudflare name servers, which means you must have gotten past the +Add Site step.

No I cannot add it still. It has Cloudflare name servers becuase DNS on the OVH are set to Cloudflare. I’m just waiting for the monday because it is definately something wrong with the OVH if I did the test on the free domain with the same configuration and it is working and ovh is not.

You can’t have Cloudflare name servers at your registrar if you haven’t added your domain yet. There’s no point to doing anything here if DNSSEC is still broken.

Yeah, my ticket is still in the progress. I received information that everything is okay but after that I checked if I can add this domain to the Cloudflare it failed - still returns error that domain is not reigstered. So I notified ovh and I’m still waifting

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