I cannot locate my nameservers

Sorry this is a damn question. I started using Cloudflare years ago, but haven’t touched it much because I don’t have enough knowledge. But I now want to make Cloudflare as my primary DSN, and the instruction says "Add your new DS record to your registerer. I go to my “overview” page, I don’t see my Cloudflare nameservers. I go to “DNS” page it says “manage DNS from Siteground.” (My website is with Siteground, which is a CF partner.

Where can I find my CF nameservers?

That means you are signed up via a partner for that site and you don’t change your nameservers.

OK thank you. I have 3 errors on CF and trying to fix them.

non_cloudflare_nameservers Non-Cloudflare nameservers found
Does the site have valid DNSSEC records? - NO
Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm? - NO

Maybe they aren’t errors because I use Siteground?
Sorry, I have little knowledge on these issues but my website is facing some significant speed issues so I am trying to fix them…

Thank you for your help!

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