I cannot get workers to work on my acocunt

I cannot get workers to work. I started with a worker using the npm create cloudflare template. It worked fine on local, but not when I deployed it. The deployed URL returned a 404 (“There is nothing here yet”).

So I tried again, with the template, made no code changes, same result.

I tried changing the workers.dev subdomain, did not help. I tried a custom domain, got a different error (no script is deployed).

I tried using the “dashboard create” workers to create a worker, still didn’t work.

Is there some account setting I am maybe missing? I have a paid plan and have been using pages with no problems for a while. Anyone have any ideas? This is completely frustrating.

…and then it magically started working. D’oh.

There’s a delay, you can follow the incident here:

Haha thanks I decided to start testing at exactly the wrong moment

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