I cannot get my website to have a valid ssl or work on chrome

Hope someone can help.

My site is hosted at Google Sites.

I’m using Cloudflare and my domain is GoDaddy.

Mrtwists.com is the domain
And website is at

I have attached a picture of my DNS settings

Hope someone can point me in the right direction I’ve been struggling for about a week.


Two things here…

First of all, you are not proxying the website via Cloudflare, to do so enable it in the DNS records (:grey: to :orange:).

Secondly you don’t seem to have correctly configured the site for your domain name, but regardless of that (should be pretty easy, following Google’s documentation) you should probably first try setting the SSL/TLS mode to Full (Strict) and in case you get a certificate error (by Cloudflare, not the one you are getting now) lower it to Full and then possibly to Flexible. It’s not recommended, but I believe you may have to go the Flexible route since it’s not supported anything else.

Thank you so much for replying.

I have changed over everything to orange cloud, and set it to full strict.

Hopefully this changes something.

Google sites is driving me round the bend, when I try to add my url, it says it’s in use with another google service. So tried forwarding but couldn’t get that to work either!

Well forwarding is not the best solution, try to find the other Google service, but it would be easily done with a page rule on Cloudflare’s side.

Note that this may not work as I said above, lower it if needed.

It has now changed to a different error, I will try to lower it back down

It seems not the error I was expecting, there is an error due to an older certificate. Do not lower it just yet.

Now two last things as it seems to be working on Cloudflare, you are still missing the config on Google’s side, but you knew that, then set Always Use HTTPS to on on Cloudflare’s dashboard.


I set always use https for both www.mrtwists.com and for mrtwists.com

It seems like the problem with google sites config isn’t being resolved I’ve tried several ways but nothing seems to work. I have tried setting up forwarding as a rule on cloudflare so hopefully that will now work

You should set up a redirect from mrtwists.com to www.mrtwists.com, Redirect example.com to www.example.com

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