I cannot find my website in the dashboard

I have a website with DNS managed by cloudflare, I logged into my cloudflare account to make some dns changes to point to another installation SAAS provider I’m using and there is nothing in my dashboard and I cannot find the dns for it.

I am not the best with tech so I may be doing something very silly and I apologise in advance, I have attached a picture of DNS watch that one of the support from Siteground sent me a link for when I was trying to get help from them.

Please help.

Most likely, it’s been set up on a different account.

If you can’t figure out which account it’s on, it may be best just to +Add Site to the account you’re on, then change the name servers at your registrar to point at whatever Cloudflare tells you to once you Add the site.

What I do see now is that the site has a Cloudlfare Origin CA certificate, which is great, but it’s not :orange: Proxied, so it’s not going to work. Without access to the account it’s on, you won’t be able to get it to work.

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I tried adding it as a website and this was the result

I am really confused, I tried to see if that domain is associated to another account by logging out and hitting forgot email and it asked me to put in a domain name, I still haven’t received an email notifying me of a different account. This is killing me because I don’t really understand all of what you wrote in your reply, I’m flying blind, I’m useless with these things :slightly_frowning_face:

What’s in that Cloudflare Nameservers section? The domain is currently set to Earl and Fiona.

That means you don’t own the account. And this following statement appears to be correct as well:

Pick an account to which you are able to login, this one you are using here for example, look at the bottom of the dns page for 2 name servers. Here is the key, contact your registrar to change the nameservers to the two you see in an account you can access. It will take about 24 hours after that and you will proly need to edit your dns records to ensure they point at your origin server properly.

You can add it as you like, until the nameserver change is made and we detect the change, simply adding it does nothing.

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