I cannot browse my website from yesterday

hello,from yesterday i cannot browse my website through domain name or ip address,and then i reboot nginx server,now i can browse my website through my ip address but i still cannot use domain name to search my website through my iphone or the computer,is the namesever has some problem? can you help me check?
my domain name: cilicili.icu
ip address:
port 80 http
thank you!

It has no DNS records for the website. You’ll have to add an “A” record for cilicili.icu and one for ‘www’. Both with that IP address.

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you means that?

the record cilicili.icu i have add it long long ago,and i can use the domain name cilicili.icu login my web until yesterday morning,the record www i add it just now,do i need to wait 24 hours before loging in with the domain name www.cilicili.icu?

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I also think I configured the nameservers correctly

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You will want to ask your domain registrar why that is the case.


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ok… i will ask them for help,thanks.

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