I cannot assess my site through FTP

I cannot access my site on FTP
Can someone reply me a instructions that i must do in cloudlare account - DNS settings and FTP program ?

Connecting to your FTP via your domain name is not supported as long as your DNS record is set to :orange:

You need to connect to your FTP directly via its IP or create a sub domain like ftp.domain.com for example and disable CF for it. (:grey:)

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Im already did grey record to
A ftp.mysite.net points to Automatic DNS only
but still cannot access

Depending on what TTL was set it could take some time until it expires. Did you try it directly after you’ve set the record to :grey:?

im tried directly to ip
and nothing
The remote host actively refused the attempt to connect to it.

Well then it’s an issue on your origin.

Use your IP
Port 21 (this is the standard port it may vary.
And the credentials. All of this was given to you by your provider.

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