I cannot add DKIM record From Amazon SES

Hello All!
I have a broblem need to get help from you!
i have trying to add DKIM record from Amazon SES but when i add the record, it was cut a part of record when i click button save.
The record Amazon SES take to me: z5igwz4xcqykywi7co2cpfji4xbxlf7s._domainkey.trihd.net
When i fill and click save button: z5igwz4xcqykywi7co2cpfji4xbxlf7s._domainkey
=> it have cuted: “trihd.net
I don’t know what’s happen. Please help me!

Did you actually check if it resolves?

It will, because this is how it is displayed. No issue here.

Hi Sandro!
Thank for comment but i have try it many time. But it couldn’t resolves!
i also don’t know why that!

Ehm, the record is in place

nslookup -type=cname z5igwz4xcqykywi7co2cpfji4xbxlf7s._domainkey.trihd.net
Server:  one.one.one.one

Non-authoritative answer:
z5igwz4xcqykywi7co2cpfji4xbxlf7s._domainkey.trihd.net   canonical name = z5igwz4xcqykywi7co2cpfji4xbxlf7s.dkim.amazonses.com

Assuming that is the right record of course.

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