I cannot add a site for my domain, trying to be a paid customer here :)

DYN.com has been recently bought by Oracle, I would rather move my DNS records elsewhere like to cloudflare… heck I’d LOVE to be a paying customer as I was with DYN but nothing is easy :slight_smile:

when adding a site (which I understand is step #1), I am unable to enter own.pepperell.ma.us which is the domain that my DNS records relate to (a municipality in MA). It gives me an error that "Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains

but that is my domain, I don’t own pepperell.ma.us , that is a domain registered to some state of MA appointed agency and we are given the town.pepperell.ma.us free of charge. This was never an issue on DYN, many years ago I made my zone records, the MX, few A etc… then I contacted the agency in charge of pepperell.ma.us to configure the NS servers to DYN and all has been well for a decade…

for pepperell.ma.us I get
pepperell.ma.us is not a registered domain

for ma-us I get
We were unable to identify ma.us as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains

I am using dashes in the domain names because this chat thinks I’m posting links… :slight_smile: obviously they are periods.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this.

Thank you.

By the way, this isn’t an issue with the interface… at least not on my end, I can add somename.com just fine (obviously I don’t own it, so without the NS servers pointed to Cloudflare it wouldn’t work), but it is getting hung up on the town.pepperell.ma.us and won’t let me to the next step of picking paid/free service options.

Cloudflare uses this list for Parent Domains. For example, there’s .ma.us, so you can register something one level below that: example.ma.us.

But there’s no pepperell.ma.us, so you can’t register example.pepperell.ma.us

Pepperell doesn’t have name servers, so it doesn’t resolve. Cloudflare won’t add a site that doesn’t have name servers.

However…places like DYN may allow people to host a delegated subdomain. Cloudflare does not, unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan. Otherwise, Cloudflare needs to be the authoritative DNS for the root domain (a domain that has its own WHOIS data).

You may want to look into he.net, as they offer free DNS services. I’m not sure if they accept delegated subdomains, but they’re a pretty solid organization.

So signing up for the business plan would allow me to do what I need and allow me to add a delegated subdomain? I don’t mind the expense, I just want a solid provider.

I am not sure how to sign up to begin with as “add site” doesn’t let me go to the next step, but maybe there’s a way to solve that part :slight_smile:

SOMEONE TAKE MY MONEY!! :slight_smile:

Read the article below a bunch of times. There used to be a bit more documentation, but I believe the process has been simplified and needs less documentation.

Not that I’m trying to stop you from spending money, but if it’s just DNS you’re after, there’s bound to be other providers for a lot less money.


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