I cannot add a new domain I bought, nanocore.io! Not sure why?

I have lots of domains, I’ve always been able to add new ones, in-fact I just added another domain after trying this one.

The domain that’s not working is nanocore.io, not sure why it won’t let me add it. Says I have to email support, I emailed twice over the past 2 months, no reply.

What reason does the dashboard give for not being able to add the site? Is it due to a zone hold?


It is indeed a zone hold. The error screen contains details on how to resolve the matter. Have you sent the requested email (or contacted your Customer Success Manager if you are an enterprise subscriber)?

I have sent two emails over the last 2 months with no reply.

You might try opening and account ticket from your Cloudflare dashboard and reference this Community topic.

Can I do that on a free account?

All account plans are able to open support requests for account, billing, and registrar issues.

You can open an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

Be sure to select Account during the request creation process.

I’ve done that, but still no reply after a week from the ‘trust and safety team’

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