I cannot access the Global API Key on Cloudflare

Hello everyone,

I am trying to configure LiteSpeed Cache on my website and I followed a tutorial that said to go into the “Global API Key” on Cloudflare. I’ve tried to put my password but I get either the “Please verify your email. (Code: 1211)” message or the “Invalid CAPTCHA response. Please try again. (Code : 1201)” message. I’ve looked into my emails but there is nothing related to this. What can I do ?

Hello there,

Would you try this?

  • Try using different email if that’s possible
  • Try using different browser if that’s related to browser issue

Here’s the similar thread & the expert advice:

Hello, I’ve tried to use a different browser, even a different computer but it is not working … And I don’t know how to use a different email because when I try to access the “Global API Key”, they only ask for a password…

If after entering the password, its asking you for verification of email, did you not try verifying it?

I’ve look into my emails but I didn’t receive anything related to this

You can change the email address from your profile or whitelist [email protected] in your email

This error only happens when you’ve forgotten to verify your email when setting up your account. This has nothing to do with the browser settings.

If you’ve not yet set your 2FA, you may still be able to request resending your original verification. Go to Go to your Dashboard → profile → authentication and if that’s the case, you’ll see the option to resend the verification message under the 2FA section.