I cannot access my wordpress admin after activating cloudflare

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I have transferred my hosting from godaddy to Cloudflare ( using free plan) and since then I can’t access my website’s dashboard (Wordpress) at https://domain-name.com/wp-admin/

I get this error message:
File not found ( 404 error)

NOTE: I have updated the Cloudflare DNS to my domain

Can someone please help? I’m new to using Cloudflare so maybe I did something wrong or did not configure something?


Your site is presumably not properly configured for HTTPS. Make sure it is and that you have a valid certificate on your server.

how to configure it for HTTPS. i know nothing about it. can u guide me through it

Thats a question for your host. But first make sure that is actually the issue.

that is not the problem i checked

How did you check? And what is your domain?

domain is freebookspots.com

i saw some videos on youtube for that and did exactly the same

please help me i am afraid

And my first question?

saw video on youtube " how to configure https for Cloudflare" and whatever they were doing i just repeated that

But my question was whether you configured HTTPS on your server. That is not Cloudflare related.

i don’t know how to do that
all this time i was thinking that this is Cloudflare related
where can i configure this

Just checked your server and requested the site directly from it. As I correctly assumed five days ago, your server is not configured to serve your site via HTTPS.

You need to contact your host about that and have your server properly configured.

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i will tell you everything
i bought the domain and hosting from godaddy
and then i came up to this video saying that you can go to Cloudflare for free and all and i did all that
and when i tried to open my website this happened

You still need to contact your host :slight_smile:

which host?
Cloudflare or godaddy?

Cloudflare is not your host. Godaddy is.

thank you for your help
you are every kind
now i have to figure out how to contact my host

sir they are saying that i have to update hosting ip in Cloudflare
how do i do that?