I cannot access my website due to cloudflare

Hello friends. I use CDN services of many websites on Cloudflare. But I’m having a problem with a single website. When I activate the Cloudfler, I encounter the ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH problem. The website I use has a RapidSSL Certificate. Universal Certificate on Cloudflare turned off and deleted.

Can you help me?

Hi @ulastutcu,

This is why you get the error, if you don’t have an advanced or custom certificate, removing the universal one will mean there is no certificate to secure the connection between your visitor and Cloudflare. If you don’t want HTTPS, you should set your SSL/TLS more to off, if you do and you want to use Cloudflare, you will need the Universal Cert or an advanced or dedicated cert, and your SSL/TLS mode set to Full (strict).


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