I cannot access my site via a VPN since using Cloudflare

I normally use a VPN to test the location specific pages of my site but since using Cloudflare I’m not able to access my site via a VPN.

Am I able to add my IP address as a safe IP so I can use my VPN?

Also it crossed my mind that visitors in certain countries cannot access the site. Will that be the case or is it just the VPN restriction?

Many thanks

What error message are you seeing?

Whatever it is, it should show up in your Firewall Events Activity Log, along with the setting that triggered the block.

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Thanks sdayman. On the browser it’s …redirected you too many times.

Nothing in the firewall logs for an attempt just now

Try using ‘curl -I’ from the command line. That’s a capital i after curl dash. It should show the redirect “location” for the forwarder. Then try that one and the next until you see what’s looping.

Thank you. I’ll give that a go

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