I cannot access my email which should be with cloudflare

Hi there

I am having trouble with my email.
Having propagated my domain (insideforwinners.com) from 123-reg to Cloudflare which is now active.

When I try to receive a message from cloudflare it tells me that my email should be with the company that I got the domain from.
After a lengthy conversation with 123-reg they say that cloudflare need to reconfigure my DNS then all should be well.

Is there anyone that can assist me with this please.

Many thanks

Your mail is still pointing to 123-reg, I assume you want to move mail services from them as you have moved the domain.

insideforwinners.com. 300 IN MX 10 mx0.123-reg.co.uk.
insideforwinners.com. 300 IN MX 20 mx1.123-reg.co.uk.

Cloudflare doesn’t offer email mailbox services, only forwarding, so you need to find another email provider if you aren’t using 123-reg any more.

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