I CANNOT ACCESS my account for 3 days! DID NOT receive Token Email!


Please do something! We cannot access the account and customer are complaining!

I am getting very desperate now and there are no other means to contact you guys! Calling your sales line doesn’t help either. I can see the danger of using this service now.

Please check these tickets and help us get access. I have already verify the domains, ips, tel numbers and yet each reply from you are still asking the same question.


Your token email is not sending to my email! I CANNOT ACCESS THE ACCOUNT FOR 3 days now! Please help!!!

I am writing from another account newly created as advise by your sales people. The account affected is not this account. Please refer to the ticket numbers.


Well, I know this is frustrating. But creating 5 tickets within three days doesn’t help either.

Maybe @ryan can help


Damian have resolved my issue and I am able to login now.

Those tickets were emails sent out of desperation. Thanks guys.


I think there is a really something not right with the email sending of token.

  1. Damian helped me resolved by temporarily disabled the feature, I logged in and updated the email to use a @gmail.com account instead of the old one.

  2. Now I did not received token in the @gmail.com account too!

  3. I have checked with our email provider, their log shows the token which is sent by [email protected] last arrived in the mail server on 3 Sept 2018 which is last month.

  4. Can someone please get Damian from here? My old ticket reference is #1572974

I need help logging in again.


I used Gmail as well by can’t confirm this. Next time you login enable 2FA with DUO or any other provider that works.



Ok. There You go

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Identified - Known impact so far:

Cloudflare Access password-less (email-based) access
Cloudflare Load Balancing Email Notifications
Multi-factor Authentication Email
Multi-user Account Invitations
Password Reset
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Thanks. The email did arrived eventually but about 30 mins late.