I Cannot Access Internet With WARP Activated

Hello all, I have problem here.

I have use WARP for some months and it’s working well. But, just sometimes ago I can’t use my WARP connection for accessing internet. When I try to search something in internet, the browser say that I not connected or IP address not found or DNS address not found. I don’t know why but here some information I got :

Here my result with my WARP activated. I have wait more than 5 minutes but AS name and AS Number is still checking, so I doesn’t got the result link.

I have check my network settings and I realized that when I activated my WARP connection. The DNS changed become 127.x.x.x (AFAIK it’s loopback IP). I try to change it back to automatic DNS but still no result. When restarting the WARP, the DNS back to 127.x.x.x, did this is the real problem ?

My PC is windows 11 and location is Indonesia (AFAIK Indonesia doesn’t block WARP, but the rumors say they plan to do it) and I don’t know did this is a bugs or not because many people from Indonesia can still use WARP normally.

  1. Can you tell us the name of your ISP?
  2. Can you run a warp-diag?
  3. Are you enrolled to a team? Is this WARP or WARP+?

How to run a warp-diag:

  1. Press cmd+space to launch Spotlight and then type Terminal.
  2. In Terminal, type warp-diag and press Enter. This will place a warp-debugging-info.zip on the Desktop.


  1. Open C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP in Explorer.
  2. Double click on warp-diag.exe. This will place a warp-debugging-info.zip on the Desktop


  1. Drop to Terminal.
  2. In Terminal, type sudo warp-diag and press Enter. This will place a warp-debugging-info.zip in the same folder the command was run from.
  1. Hutchison 3 Indonesia

  2. I can run it and after that I can access the internet back when WARP activated. But it’s slower than before error. I think that’s not big problem but that’s would really great if I can get back the normal speed again.
    Here my result after running warp-diag. I don’t know why I can’t post my result link but here the screenshot

  3. I’m not enrolled to team. I’m use WARP

Thank you for help and reply.

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