I cannot able to use My Custom EV + Cloudflare CDN



So I have purchased EV certificates and installed using cPanel, the certificate is active too but when I verified in Gtmetrix the CDN is not being worked so I came to cloudflare and made A record from Gray to Orange now the CDN issues shown in Gtmetrix are gone but at the same time I no longer seeing EV certificate on my website.
On further searching I found a comment from cloudflare support that to use custom certificate + CDN we need to go for Bussiness/Enterprise plan why is that way? Why cannot I use CDN + my EV certificate I am using Cloudflare mainly for CDN but you are not letting me to. I am in Pro plan by the way.


You need to upload your EV cetificate to Cloudflare. This is possible on business plan and above.


But I already installed my certificate from cPanel, the reason why I choose cloudflare and paying 20$/Month is for CDN and better performance, why to force me to go for higher package for just the certificate when I can install them in cPanel?


Because visitors don’t connect to your server directly. Basically it looks as follows:

Visitor -> Cloudflare (showing the generated / uploaded SSL to the vistor -> Your Origin (showing it’s own cert to Cloudflare). This is not passed through to the client.

$20 is the Pro plan. You need Business to upload your own cert.


So no chance to be in pro plan and use my EV certificate along with CDN?


It’s possible to buy dedicated certificates from CloudFlare. I don’t know if they offer EV or DV only.


DV only, upload your certificate is only on Business plan or above because they need to provision custom IPs for you (the same reason custom vanity name servers are business only as well, still hoping to get them on the lower plans via add-on though).

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