I canceled my subscription 1 month ago, BUT YOU TOOK MY MONEY

I canceled my subscription 1 month ago, and cloudflare took my money again, what the ■■■■? I want refund, this is a disgusting service, YOU TOOK MY MONEY WITH MY CANCELED SUBSCRIPTION FOR NEXT MONTH

Oh, really? And how the ■■■■ you take my money?

It looks like you did not cancel page rules when downgrading. The process is here


Oh, really? And how the ■■■■ i got charged for 20$ for 4 rules? 3 for FREE, and 1 by Pro plan

I want refund, i don’t want use this service anymore, this is fully disgusting

If you follow the instructions to email billing AT cloudflare DOT com the team can follow up with you. This forum is great for #general:billing questions, but contact the billing team for specifics of your account.


What instructions?

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 9.55.29 AM
These :arrow_up:, it will make it easier for the team to follow-up with you.