I can’t verify my email account

The email does not reach my mailbox to verify my email account.

My email is {redacted}

Hi @sauldpe,

Sorry for the issue you are facing here, standard question, are you able to check that the email has not gone into your spam folder and that you can generally receive emails (I guess you received the one from the community to post here?).

If you try again and still don’t receive it, you can email [email protected] from the email on your account and they should be able to check and help you with this issue.

Again, sorry about this - support should be able to help you verify your account.

Hello, I also do not receive a confirmation letter of my mail. Looked in spam and in the trash it is not there. I sent a new request, but the letter never comes. What to do in this case?

Hi @Sereb,

Sorry for the troubles, same advice as before,

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