I can´t send e-mails to Gmail

When I try to send an email to Gmail, I automatically receive this response
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-27 at 17.38.18

The error message is as clear as day :smiley:

The mail has been blocked because the sender is unauthenticated. Gmail requires all senders to authenticate with either SPF or DKIM…

… neither of which your domain has.

It seems your domain is using Hostinger Email for email. You need to obtain their SPF and DKIM records… and add these to your Cloudflare DNS app. When adding the records in Cloudflare, make sure Hostinger’s DKIM records, which use CNAME, are set to DNS only (:grey:) and NOT proxied (:orange:).


I have the configuration you told me about, but it doesn’t work.

I realize that you created this topic due to trouble you are having sending email. You have a serious problem in you inbound DNS configuration, too, however.

You cannot mix email providers in your MX records and expect your incoming mail to work. You have MX records for both Hostinger and iCloud. Which one is supposed to receive your email?

On your original topic of sending email, are you usng any additional email sending service, such as Mailchannels? If so, you need to be sure to configure the appropriate SPF and DKIM for those sources as well.

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I still can’t send emails to Gmail, I really don’t know how to solve the problem.

Please help.

Would you clarify the presence of relay.mailchannels.com in the message you showed in your first post?

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The DNS record(s) for email authentication you have shown in those screenshots are for email authentication when you send through Hostinger.

The rejection mentioned in your initial post is a message that was sent through MailChannels, and although it was pretending to be from your domain name, it did not have any verifiable email authentication attached.

If you’re not directly connected with MailChannels, you need to talk to the hosting provider you’re sending that message through, and ask them for further assistance on how to set up proper email authentication (DKIM) for your domain with them.

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The situation is the following, I bought the domain in CLOUDFLARE, however I did the hosting in HOSTINGER, months ago everything was really working well, a month ago I noticed that the emails sent to Gmail were not delivered, again I clarify that I do not use any other mail service, I only use HOSTINGER.

In my first post it is the email that arrives in my mailbox every time I try to send a message to a Gmail email.

I don’t use MailChannels, only HOSTINGER.

The first message you shared indicates that it was sent to you by the mail system at host relay.mailchannels.net, so something in your outgoing email does not appear to be configured the way you that expect it is. You will need to work with your webhost and developer to determine how you are sending mail through MailChannels instead of Hostinger.

This is the complete message that arrives in my inbox every time I try to send an email to Gmail.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-28 at 19.53.07 (1)

It looks like Hostinger uses MailChannels to relay their customer email.

I just ran your domain through the dmarcian SPF Surveyor and it came back with a report that your domain has no published SPF record. Did you possibly delete the one that was visible in your earlier screenshot?

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It seems after all with the newest addition of screenshots, that Hostinger actually uses MailChannels behind the stage to take care of email deliveries on their behalf (and on behalf of Hostinger’s customes).

The DNS record(s) shown on this specific screenshot doesn’t match reality at the moment though.

None of the CNAME records from the top are there, the TXT from the bottom isn’t there either.

What two name servers do you see in the bottom of that page?



A Hostinger support technician had this to say: “It’s not propagating on world servers, the TXT records aren’t showing up, just one from Google and the CNAMEs aren’t showing up either :pray:
Since the domain is purchased from Cloudflare, you must contact Cloudflare support and tell them that these DNS that I am going to point out are not propagating, so that they can check what is happening:”

It looks like you might be in the wrong Cloudflare account.

Below your DNS records, does it say your nameservers are